Union Women Is For Women

Union women website is for women, hopefully run by women, and in full support of women.

We are going to have as many features as possible to facilitate communications. We have a form, a blog, and webmail. Coming soon will be a photo gallery and and anything else that we can provide.

Our Mission

In order to earn money to support the site, we will sell e-mail addresses ending with Union women.com

So for the price of a few cups of coffee, you too can own your own name@Unionwomen.com. That will be only ten dollars for one year of service. What a deal! Included in that name is a web-based mail program that you may read from anywhere. Or you may have your Windows mail program set up to download the mail off of your web. Of course this is not built yet, but it is coming.

As said before, we are here for you. This is a union site run by union members. Our goal is for the greater good. In this time of social media, unions must use all the tools at their command. With this network of sites, we could send out newsletters. Or if there was a need to alert everyone, then we could send out alerts e-mails. One touch of a button and we could mobilize a nationwide flash mob. Think of it. So that's what this is all about. Unity!

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I'm sure we will have quite a lot of work to continually do as we move on. But I finally seeing the end of this task here of giving it up and running properly. I want to thank everyone for their faith in this project.

Contact Us

Please send an e-mail to tell me what you think about this project.

Address: 15 Breedlove Lane,Covington,GA
Telephone: 1-470-441-5334
FAX: 480-383-6631
E-mail: info@unionwomen.com