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This site is specifically for the Union women, and all that they wish it to be. But you're welcome to come check out Union Men Dot Com. We have a network of sites for union and union business, union mail, anything that pertains to union. You may say whatever you like and share it with all of us. On all of our Union network sites, we will have blogs, forums, galleries, and webmail. Many other features that will become available in the future also. We hope that you would like to have an e-mail address that says yourname@Unionwomen.com. This is how we will support ourselves. For the same price as a cup of coffee, you can obtain a personalized e-mail address, complete with a web based mailing program.

I am honored to be able to present this site to all the Union women of the US and Canada I have one problem. I am a man. It is my hope that someone better qualified than I will volunteer to guide this site. Someone with capabilities of understanding as well as technical savvy is my choice. But I do know from my own experience that is a very bitter, hard work environment. I have heard the offhand comments, and saw the looks. Many times the perp was part of the management. Disgusting!

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We need your help

7 Posted on 15 feb 2014 by Unionmuscle

We are not asking for money when asking for your support. By using our websites, you are supporting us. And I thank you in advance. But we will need many other people such as contributors to our blog, moderators on the forum, and someone to manage those. The first step is simply sign in as a member. If you go to unionmuscle, you can check out the Union lists online and read our mission statement. We have always negotiated for wages and better working conditions. With this social networking website we can use the other side of this double-edged sword to negotiate for pricing. Let's use the power of our collective to get union members better pricing.

Unionmuscle wants you the union member to ask for union discounts everywhere you go. Then we will post the banners for every union member to find. We would like to make union members into sales reps across the nation. And with every banner published you will get a monthly commission. Helping other union members and making money too.

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I'm sure we will have quite a lot of work to continually do as we move on. But I finally seeing the end of this task here of giving it up and running properly. I want to thank everyone for their faith in this project.

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